#1. Question - How does the process work?


Answer – We setup an initial estimate to view your property and take measurements, once we have an understanding of your ideas and options for the yard, we send an itemized quote. 


#2. Question – What is the timeframe from start to finish?


Answer -  Below is a list of phases from start to finish on a typical landscape project.

Step #1 Design & Material Selection 1-2 Weeks

Step #2 HOA Approval - 1-6 Weeks 

Step #3 Timeline To Start  - 1-12 Weeks After HOA Approval

Step #4 Install Phase 1-4 Weeks


#3 Question – Do you draw the plans for the HOA & City?


Answer – Yes, we design the complete landscape plans for HOA & City approval.


Question #4 – What size projects do you work on?

Answer - We work on all size projects, there is no minimum price.


Question #5 – Do you install swimming pools or

work on projects that already have existing landscaping (remodels)?

Answer – We do not work on projects that require a swimming pool

or projects that currently have landscaping installed.

We work specifically on new build homes with dirt lots.


Question #6 – What times are you available for landscape estimates?

Answer – Monday - Thursday 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM