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Question - What does your service include?

     Answer -

Stage #1 - Our services include items based on each individual's scenario.

Power Washing, Mulching, Pruning, Fertilizing, Lawn Paint, Lawn Replacement

Trash Removal, Weed Abatement, Painting, Sealing, Fixing, Touch up, Appliance Cleaning, Fixing Broken items such as Waterfalls, BBQ's etc...

Stage #2 - (Fertigation System) We install an automatic fertilizer system that connects to your sprinklers. Once this process starts you will see results within 14 days, we use commercial grade high quality fertilizers, after your home sells we disconnect the equipment unless your buyer wants to keep it installed for a fee.

      Stage #2 - Staging Items, Colorful Plants, Table Settings, Candles, Place-Mats, Tablecloths, Wreaths etc...

     Stage #3 - Professional Photographs taken of staged landscape are sent to client in high quality format. 

Is it worth it to Stage my Landscaping?

Answer - The first thing a potential buyer see's when they view your home is the front yard, many buyers initial decision are formed before they even walk into the home. Let's assume your home is 2000 sqft on a 10,000 sqft lot, in this scenario 80% of what the buyer is viewing is the landscaping. Suppose the home is listed for $1,000,000 and you pay $5,000 to clean and stage the home landscaping front and backyard. That is half of 1% of the total value of the home price. By staging the landscape the home could potentially sell for 10x the amount you paid for cleanup and staging which would be $1,000,050. Therefore you just made $45,000 by using our services. It’s a smart investment for you, the buyer, and the realtor. 

Question – Do you "ONLY" Stage for Commercial Purposes such as Real Estate?

Answer - No, we stage for Weddings, Neighborhood Parties, Family Get-together's etc... Whether you want to send invitation cards, or have your landscape area prepped and ready for that big party, we have you covered. 

Question - Can you fix my broken landscaping items?

     Answer – Yes, if we can build them from scratch we can typically fix them, if a buyer comes to the home and a BBQ that doesn’t work, or a waterfall isn’t working it can kill the deal. Call us and we can get things working again.

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